Wednesday, 27 January 2010

why hello

afternoon blog followers,and how are you?:)
it has been fairly quiet at work today,which has been a nice change,as it's usually pretty hectic lately (which i don't mind either).so i've had chance to catch up on some blogs,and also look at some that i haven't seen until's always nice to make new blogger friends!

but on that note,i must mention one of my followers leaving me yesterday!i am now down to 63 followers...and i can't figure out who it was that has decided to ditch me (i'm joking,i don't take it that personally!).i hope it isn't because i offended anyone,or just plain pissed them off by just being me!i know it may just be that they didn't read my blog much and decided to make it easier and take me off their following list and therefore not have to see my blog posts,but there's an insecure part of me that wonders what i did wrong!

it sounds so silly and childish,but i think most people would be like "what did i do?" at first, but like i said,i really don't take it that personally!i guess i just appreciate my lovely followers so much,it's a shame to see one go!

anyway!last night the lovely sam (honest to blog) came to stay over,as we had planned to go see 'daybreakers' at the cinema.sam and i are quite alike in that we aren't huge into going we didn't.well,we went snack shopping (for the proposed cinema trip) but then decided we would just watch a film at home,and not bother with the cinema.

so,sam made us some gorgeous vegan hotdogs and beer battered chips (fries),and we stuffed our faces while watching 'i love you man'.(one of my most favourite films at the moment!)

it's lovely having sam over as she's so easy to be around (feels weird saying all this when sam is going to be reading it!but it's all praise she deserves!)and i can just veg out and not have to be on edge at all.i also love that she just toddles around in her pj's and slippers and is totally comfortable in my may be because i find it really hard to 'make myself at home' in other peoples houses,whereas i LOVE people making themselves at home in mine.makes me all warm and fuzzy.unless i don't like said people.but then i wouldn't have people in the flat that i don't like,so,yeah.but anyway,we had a nice evening.and i get the pleasure of her company again tomorrow,as i (for once!) got us free tickets to go see a film!i receive codes occassionally from a site i am joined up to,called seefilmfirst.usually by the time i type the code in,there are no more free showing spaces.but yesterday i received an email telling me that there were some tickets now available for a screening of 'the lovely bones'.i actually really want to see this,though i haven't read the book yet,so i'm looking forward to it!i remember when the book first came out and everyone seemed ro be reading didn't really seem my kind of thing,but i've heard really good things about it lately so i think i will give it a try.
today is rather nice and chilled.i'm a little bit sad as i know my mom is still really ill and that she has a hospital appointment today.i really need to help her,but it's finding the £45 to get the train to wolves to see her!i really wish i was driving already,i would have been down there on the weekend if i could have!i'm okay,i just hate to think of her in pain and feeling lonely.
thankfully there's just a couple more hours left at work,and then i get to go home and relax.this is good!i have a couple of sock monkeys to make for custom orders,but i haven't made any for a while so that's cool (they can get monotonous when making lots of them!)
and here is a flyer i made for my 'vintage pretty fair'...i'm having so much fun planning and getting ready for this!


  1. Well I will be a follower to the end, so BOO to whoever left.

    I love that flyer!!!

  2. i love the flyer..if i lived closer i'd attend!
    i sooo will come visit you + your amazing crafiness at an event one day, it's so crap not having money and my heart breaks that it's that expensive for you to go see your mum. i hope she is getting better, positivity is the key + i've got my fingers and toes crossed for her [hugs for you too!]x

  3. weee that one is awesome

    love you lots like jellytots xxx