Thursday, 28 January 2010

i could just eat right now

Redwood vegan hotdogs!but i kind of couldn't as it's only 10.30am and i think it's a little early for such food...
oooh,but my 'my vintage charms' parcel arrived!looky looky...all this for just a little over £20!the site sells amazing findings,accessories,pendants and other pretty things...pretty darn cheap too!i can't wait to get making some new stuff for dolly dearest!visit:

and also on the dolly dearest/crafting front,mikee's friend ben called up last night to ask if i would like to have a stall at an event he is planning at one of the bars he manages in town (he manages two bars: ten feet tall, and buffalo bar),for a 3 day weekend event they are putting on to mark International Women's Day.i'm not 100% sure what he wants to do yet,but i have to email him some of dolly dearests details,like what i sell etc. and then i'm guessing we'll go from there!i will most likely take some of my work's leaflets with me as Cardiff Women's Aid normally do something over women's day,as domestic abuse (although not limited to just females)happens to so many women (and their children),every day,often for many years.and also on a personal level due to my experience with domestic violence/abuse,i want do my bit to help spread awareness.i don't think people realise how common it is.


  1. Mmm... Hotdogs! I love a good hotdog! Even the vegan ones! XO.

  2. When you wants something I think its better just to eat it no matter what time of day...