Friday, 29 January 2010

fill in the blanks friday

i love reading the lovely lauren's (the little things we do) post of this on a friday,so thought i would have a go myself!

1. If I weren't a... receptionist... I'd love to be... self-employed,doing what i enjoy the most and making a living from it!

2. When I'm super upset I... think over it over way too much.

3. My favorite thing about myself is... that i'm heavily tattooed.i always wanted to be when i was a teenager but never thought i actually would end up being so!

4. If I found a £100 in the pocket of last winter's coat I'd spend it on... a trip to the cinema,and probably some crafting materials...and clothes...and can bet i'd make that £100 go a long way!

5. Even though some people might consider this a flaw... I love being vegan!

6. I love the way I feel when... i know my loved ones are safe and's the one thing that can worry me almost unbearably.

7. I love my hair most when it's... got it's extensions in!i don't like my 'normal' hair!


  1. Loved your list, its so funny how you can have so much in common with someone you've never met in person. I can't wait until I am fully self employed, and if I found extra money in my pocket, I would totally spend it on the same thing, especially the cinema...LOL!

    and my favorite of all...I LOVE EXTENSIONS...

  2. you know what missy?i'm such a weirdo,every time i see anything cupcake or hello kitty related i think of you!crazy,but kinda awesome!(i know i've mentioned this before,but it's a recurring thing...pretty much every time i'm out shopping!)x

  3. good list missy!
    i'm liking the mustard background [one of my fav. colours] I have always wanted to put hair extentions in but i'm a mega wimp, why am I scared of faux hair?! stooopid!
    I hope you're having a wonderful friday sweetcheeks x