Tuesday, 26 January 2010

feeling kinda frida

so last night,i decided to start my frida kahlo/mexican/day of the dead themed necklace.i love the current trend for 'collar' style necklaces,which to me means you can basically stick loads of stuff on a necklace that you couldn't normally!here is the finished piece...

it's a little rough round the edges,as most of my makes normally are,but i was quite pleased with it.i think mikee thought it looked a little heavy to be a necklace (he didn't say that,but he looked confused,and as i thought it may be too heavy i guess i've projected that onto mikee...haha).i did test it out though and it's actually rather light.the main backing (that everything is mounted on) is only foam anyway.so besides that,it is very wearable.but i guess it's not for those that like to blend in!it is going up on folksy,and also for sale at my upcoming fairs (my folksy shop is usually pretty quiet,apart from the odd purchase... which i hasten to add,still means the world to me!).and i'm thinking if it's too OTT as a necklace,someone could always buy it for their wall?hmmm...either way,it was so much fun to make it.and i can't wait to start on my dia de los muertos/mexicana/religious inspired tins


  1. I like it but would be more likely to use it as a wall hanging.
    All that chunky, big, heavy looking jewellry is overpowering to me.
    looks good though.

  2. Hey! Cool blog miss, i just came across it! I'm from New Zealand and just getting into the whole blogging thing, it's cool to see the different ones on offer.
    Come visit mine if you'd like
    Lady G xx