Monday, 25 January 2010

hello monday

today i am sleepy.i wish i could be at home,sleeping.but unfortunately i am at work for the next two hours(ish) and then at 5.15 i have a driving lesson for an hour and a half.i hope i do a little better this week!i still keep getting weird,i'm gonna try explain it and see if any of you lovely lot have any tips...or if you can understand what the hell i'm on about.

it's like this.i will be doing a parallel park,or reversing around a corner,or doing a 3 point turn (i hope these manouevre names translate okay for non-british readers?!)and even though i'm not great at these anyway,i have this thing with my feet.a thing.basically,my left foot is normally on the clutch,but just the tip of the foot,as most drivers would do.but then as i'm doing the manouevre,my left foot seems to go higher up the clutch pedal (for no apparent reason) and then it feels like a real task to keep my foot from not sliding the manouevres require clutch control it makes it really difficult,as my whole damn foot seems wedged onto the clutch pedal.making me feel like if i move my left foot anymore,it will slip off and the car will jolt,then stop.a couple of times i've even had to quickly pull my right foot over onto the clutch,readjust my left foot and then carry on.this always feels really risky,and mikee agrees!mikee has driven since he was old enough too,so that's over 10 years now,and i have to say,he's a pretty good driver!

anyway,i don't expect my garbled explanation to make any sense,it doesn't make a lot of sense to me!it's just really bugging me as i know this is why i'm doing so badly with my feet are totally distracting me,meaning i keep getting the actual task wrong!and then i get anxious and frustrated...and it all seems to go pear shaped from there.gaaaaah.sorry.

anywho,besides my driving frustration,things are okay!despite mikee and i being so broke.and worrying over my mom's illness (it's really bad right now).lack of money does get me down sometimes,but not in a way where i feel sorry for myself.more annoying really,as there's so many things that you can't do when you're short of eat yummy food.or go for a drive to the beach.or buy some more crafting supplies.or get the train to wolves to see my's all stuff that will be okay once i/mikee get paid again,but sometimes it would be nice just to spend and not worry over it.

nevertheless,life is good.our home is feeling so cosy lately.bambi and bela are such lights in our lives,they make us laugh and smile on a daily basis.mikee just seems to develop into an even greater person daily,and we're getting on really well!we have cute little faux arguments,and it makes me feel like we are so comfortable with each other,that we can whine and bitch at each other,but totally in jest!there's nothing i love more than crafting whilst watching a film,with mikee at my side,and the boys on my lap (though it does make the crafting a little more difficult!).and napping.i do love napping.preferably while mikee is watching the 1000th episode of terminator:the sarah connor chronicles!


  1. its all about the shoes! I used to have that problem if I didnt have the "right" shoes on

    Now I have passed, I can drive in any old thing (even heels!) but it was a nightmare learning unless i had the perfect pair on! x

  2. Wicked job on being so positive Lady! :)
    I wish you luck on your drivers test, I'm no help since I've never driven a car with a clutch!

  3. aw thank you tjayne!i didn't feel too positive before my lesson!i can't say that i totally pulled off my manouevres in my lesson earlier,but i did a lot better than the week before.which is always good!

    thank you both for your kind words! xxxx