Friday, 22 January 2010

foggy london town

yesterday the lovely sam (honest to blog!)accompanied me to london,where i had an appointment to get some work added to the chestpiece i had done around 6 years ago.i was going to the same artist that had done it before (besides the cherries,they were done earlier by another artist).her name is saira hunjan.she is an amazing artist who works at good times tattoo,in shoreditch,just outside london city centre.when i went all those years ago (seems like another lifetime almost!) saira was based in a lovely little studio in islington,london called the family business.i wasn't entirely sure what the design to add to my chest was,but saira's work is always stunning so i wasn't worried about that!
we got there just in time for my appointment.the studio is so lovely and spacious!sam loved all the taxidermy they had in there,and i loved all the religious ornaments and pictures.the one wall had a whole shrine area,i loved it!
saira is really sweet and i was so happy with the design she had done.we decided to just keep to my chest for the 2 hours we had booked,and then perhaps start on the throat when i next book in (hopefully around march time).i was actually quite nervous about the pain,especially as my last few tattoos (feet,neck,hands) have been pretty ouchy,and it's been so long since i had my chest worked on i couldn't remember just how bad it may be!but it was actually fine,it really was.i was already kind of sleepy (sam and i had slept on the coach there) but the studio was so relazed that i felt kind of chilled out.which is a rarity for me while getting honestly went fine.when it did hurt i tried to keep my mind busy with thinking about my upcoming fair plans!and the other times saira was chatting to me,which definitely helped distract me!but i think also that closing my eyes seemed to help.i did it mainly as saira was so close to my face (considering the angle she had to work at) it was a little awkward!the same as when i would be standing up and she'd put the stencil on/draw extra bits she's a little smaller than me,it felt like we were just staring at each other constantly!but i did find closing my eyes,and trying to take my mind off the pain really did help!i was chuffed!and once i saw the end result,i was blown away!i'm really looking forward to my next session with her.
after the appointment it was already about 3.30pm.we popped into a vintage clothes shop,where sam found a really cute dress and some pretty fabric.i ended up having to wait outside as i literally could not take listening to the shop owner and a customer saying how beautiful these vintage fur coats and wraps were that they had in made me feel sick to listen to them.i hate fur and the people that buy it.vintage fur or not,it's wrong.
our coach back to cardiff was leaving at 8pm,so we ended up paying a visit to the national history was mainly sam's idea.she's a lot better with travelling around london than me,i felt bad just kind of trailing after her!we had a fab time at the museum though,and brought some awesome postcards from the museum's shop.oh,and sam brought me a yummy cherry cola lolly (so happy they were vegan!i guess they are just pure sugar though!)
by the time we got on our return coach,we were both super tired,so we pretty much napped the entire way home (it's just over a 3 hour journey).well,i know i napped most of the time,i'm not totally sure about sam,seen as i was fast asleep!
the day was finished with a lovely hot cup of tea and some biscuits.and cuddles (or cwtches as sam would say!)with bambi and bela.bliss!

* speaking of bambi and bela,wednesday afternoon,just before i was due to finish work (around 4.30) mikee text me to tell me that he had got back from an appointment in town,to find the living room turned absolutely upside down!and bambi sitting down whimpering and soon as mikee came in bela ran off to the other room.bambi was limping and really receive a text like that was so awful.luckily work were fine with me leaving half an hour early (once i had sorted out cover for reception) so i rushed home.i'm not sure if i have mentioned it before,but i am very lucky to live just across the road from work.i can even see the offices from my bedroom window!makes a change from when i used to catch 4 buses a day,to and from work,back in wolves!
when i got back bambi seemed to have a little limp,but soon after he seemed fine.we kept bela shut in the bathroom for an hour or so as we're pretty sure he had hurt was horrible to think of him in the bathroom alone,but we really wanted him to know that this couldn't happen again,bambi was very lucky not to have to be taken to the vets.bela always acts very guilty when he's done something wrong.and the running off kind of gave it away!i doubt bela would have meant it (he loves bambi to bits!)but he is too rough with bambi a lot of the time,which we tell him off for.we think he just took it too far (he likes grabbing bam by the back leg with his teeth,which i always scold him for doing!) and caught a nerve maybe.once i could hear bela start to moan a little bit,i went to let him out,and bambi seemed really pleased to see's cute how much they love each other!
i had been so worried when i received mikee's text though,so i am beyond grateful that bambi was okay!those two little boys mean the absolute world to me!

sam with the naughty little jackchi(he's hard to stay mad at,he's an adorable little thing!)


  1. Aw Sam! I'm glad you guys had fun. Where did you go (for your tattoo)?

  2. your days sounds lovely! Also, I love Jay Brannan! And Sam and your pup look sooo cute!

  3. i've actually never heard/heard of jay brannan before,slide just decided to add it's own choice of music,hehe!doesn't seem bad though!:D

    i went to good times tattoo,which is nikole lowe's studio in shoreditch,london.

  4. aw--he has a song in the movie shortbus and it's pretty much the most adorable song ever...