Saturday, 9 January 2010

kiss with a fist

today was the event 'a fashionable af'fayre',held at a pub called Le Pub in newport,which is around 20 minutes in the car from started at 12 and lasted until 5pm.
i have to admit i wasn't expecting to sell much,due to the snow mainly,but also because i'm aware that unfortunately a lot of people don't realise how awesome these things are until they attend them,therefore they don't bother.i know this because i used to be the same!
anyway,we got to the pub around 11.30am,and started setting up.i've never been to le pub before,though mikee has put gigs on there and been there socially.i actually really liked the layout of it.the upstairs had some cool stalls and then downstairs was the bar and a few more stalls (including ours,dolly dearest).
the 5 hours went quite fast,and it was a nice change to have someone there with me,both to help and chat to.mikee was as good as gold,and helped me out.which earnt him some chips on the way back and a large bottle of becks beer!
i made £40 altogether which was unexpected but very welcome!with £15 of that i treated myself to a beautiful hair was a little bit of a kafuffle as i spent ages deciding which to get (it was between a black one with one large orange butterfly on it,and a similar one but with three smaller butterflies perched on it).however,almost as literally as i handed over the money,i realised that the butterflies were made out of feather!and of course being vegan that's a no-no!so i went downstairs to my stall feeling really torn.i didn't want to be a pain and have to swap it,and explain why.but i knew i couldn't wear it with a clean after a short while agonising over it,i decided to go back upstairs and explain!luckily they were lovely about it and even offered a refund.but i was like,"no way"!i love your stuff!i'll find something else!"so i chose a similar style accessory,but white with buttons and net and some more awesome that turned out fine,but i was more than embarassed about it!although i'm nowhere near as shy and anxious as i used to be,i still can get like that!

after a little flurry of sales towards the end of the day,we decided to pack up and had taken the stock back to car for around 4.40pm.i enjoyed myself so much,especially having mikee there.and i love to meet and chat to new people,especially crafty types!
i did want to go to the cinema to see daybreakers and was thinking of using the last of the money to treat mikee and i to a cinema trip after the fair,but it was beyond cold,and i think we were both eager to get back to our boys and just veg out!besides,mikee had been to the cinema to see the road last night...he loves the book and was so excited about the film.when he got back,he was clearly blown away by it,which was good to see!it's so disappointing when a film doesn't live up to the book (like me and memoirs of a geisha...liked the film,but LOVE the book!).i'm sure i will go see it soon,as mikee wants to go again.
i am so stoked at how today's fair went,and can't wait to do it every month!it has also got me decided that i am going to try organise something very similar in cardiff,every month,but so as not to clash with the newport event.i've messaged around a few sellers,so am just waiting to hear back before i ring the venue i have in mind to enquire about booking it.exciting!
(my creepy doll mask/face kept us entertained for a while..!)

i liked the drawings on this blackboard in the pub!

* on a random note,i was thinking the other day how i write my in punctuation and grammar.even though i am pretty good with these things,for some reason i choose to write almost totally in lower case.i think it looks a little cooler.i don't know why i have something against capital letters!but just wanted to let you know,i'm not a dummy,i just choose to write like one!hehe:)


  1. oooh i love the wee bags! hope i can come next time babygirl x

  2. i hope so too!you need to get crafting and then you can have your own stall!we can be stall buddies then!:)

  3. I love that blackboard! Super cute! Also, I'm glad you sold lots of stuff and got a cute hairpiece! I would like to see a picture of it on you!

  4. Haha that doll mask is totally creepy. Was it just for decor? I'm so glad things are going well for dolly dearest.

  5. thank you lovelies!dorian,yuss,the doll face was just random decor.i wasn't sure what table decorations to take with me.i'm also not used to getting driven's not normally an option to take any extra stuff,but i think next time i will make the table look super fancy!

    and stephanie,i will get a picture of my new hair accessory,it's so lush,i was so amazed by what was on offer there!the lovely lady's site is below if you fancy a look:)

  6. the doll face is mildly disturbing. But I like the mildly disturbing so its alright with me.

    Nice name, friend.


  7. i like your new hair accessory. the buttons are so cute. and i'm glad you went back and stood up for what's important to you (and that they were so sweet about it). that's always hard to do, but worth it in the end.

  8. lovely to meet you lauren!can't wait to read up your blog!xxx