Wednesday, 20 January 2010


apologies for the lack of blogging lately (if anybody cares...still can't get used to the notion that you lovely people read my blog!),but i have been busy busy busy!and when i'm not busy,i just seem to be exhausted!

i can't say i've been up to much,besides work,crafting and organising my first ever is called vintage pretty (as you will have seen on the previous posts) and it's looking like it may be quite busy!but then again,you can't exactly count on facebook events and their 'confirmed attending'!but we can hope!altogether there will be 9 local designers/sellers,including myself of course!i have been so pleasantly surprised at the interest,and have even had to turn people down who wanted to sell at vintage pretty.i felt so mean doing so but i have to be careful we have enough room on the day...and i think we just about have at the moment!it's all super exciting,and i'm really glad i decided to organise it.i'm also looking forward to meeting new crafty people,the sellers all seem so lovely!i know a couple of people vaguely who are selling,though not very yes!it should hopefully be good fun...fingers crossed anyway!

i've been watching a load of films's always good to have a film on while i'm busy making stuff!lately i have seen:teeth,up in the air,little miss sunshine and yes man.they were all awesome in their own ways,but i'd have to say little miss sunshine was my favourite!dwayne is actually amazing!it's one of those films i have been meaning to watch but never got round to...and then realising it's as good as i've heard it was (and hoped it would be!).i've always loved films,but they have become a real passion for me lately.and i can honestly say i would pick staying in with a film and good food,over going out on the evening any day!

so,besides staying in and getting busy with preparing for the three fairs i am selling at,i haven't been up to a lot.we did go to penarth on sunday was actually a really bright day,and it was really busy on the seafront!mikee and i were shocked,as it has been snowy and so wintry of late!it did get very chilly later on though and the weather went back to it's normal self!i love winter though,so for me that's a good thing!

when penarth is busy,there is usually lots of people out walking their dogs (as we are).this can be a problem as bambi and bela are so antisocial and naughty!they bark and whine at other dogs they's a real shame as they are the sweetest little dogs once they get to know people (though i don't know how they would be with other dogs...we've never got that far!).anyway,as we were walking to get some chips from the place on the pier,we saw a stunning papillon being walked on the beach.mikee is sure he has seen the same woman and this papillon before,when he was driving through penarth a while most likely was them,you just don't see papillons very often!so bambi saw this papillon from a distance,and it was amazing...he didn't bark or growl as he normally does with other dogs...and he remained transfixed until the woman walked off the beach onto the pavement where we stood.normally we would have dragged the boys away by now,to avoid the oncoming barkfest.and bela was true to form,i even had to pick him up to try and calm him down.oh dear!but bambi trotted up to this other papillon boy and started gently sniffing was amazing for mikee and i to see.i was just about to take a photo...and then bambi snapped and started yapping at this other (very puzzled by the sudden mood change i think!) papillon.we think that he realised it was another boy and that's why he started going,it's got us thinking that maybe bambi would be okay with another dog,as long as she was female and papillon!it was a really touching moment,as bambi obviously behaved differently around a fellow also made me realise how un-papillon like bambi is...he's even more of a fox/long haired chihuahua/pomeranian than i thought!but wow,this other papillon was magnificent,i think i fell in love that day,hehe.

mikee and bambi the antisocial papillon.

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