Friday, 12 February 2010

Day #3 - My favourite television programme.

As I am out of the flat this weekend and therefore laptopless, I can't include a video, but I can say that I would have to say my absolute favourite is Dexter. I love the books also and the series does not disappoint. It gets better with each season, and I am so psyched for season 5... I could not believe how season 4 ended! Michael C Hall makes Dexter even more fascinating than he is in the books, but the other characters too are so brilliant. Doakes, La Guerta, Debs and Batista and of course Masouka being their characters to life in their own special ways. The storylines are brutal and gripping, but humour is also a huge part of Dexter, and all this makes Dexter my absolute favourite tv show... Even more than True Blood, and that's pretty amazing!

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