Thursday, 11 February 2010

The Lovely Bones.

I have been meaning to watch this for a little while, though I haven't read the book yet. To be honest, I feel to give a 'review' of it kinda takes away from what I am going to say about this film.
It left me almost breathless, in a way that I have not felt in a long time (if I ever have at all). I felt every part of this film, the sorrow and the despair, and it touched me in a way I really did not expect. In short, I thought this film was amazing.


  1. it was, wasn't it
    you might just LOVE the book then. I read it when i was 16 and couldn't have loved it more.

  2. I loved loved loved the book! Read it in highschool. The movie totally exceeded my expectations! I loved it too!

  3. haha i am going to be the opposing downer in this one. i thought it sounded really interesting so i asked for the book for Christmas. managed to finish it before i went to see the movie. i found that for me both were pretty mediocre. i forced myself to finish reading and when i went to see the movie i remember thinking i wish this was shorter, lol. im glad you guys enjoyed it so much, and wish i knew why im so anal about certain books and so picky!