Friday, 19 February 2010

Day #8 - A photo that makes me angry or sad.

Eee, what a very negative one this is! I don't generally take photos that I find make me angry or sad... the only thing I can think of is maybe a photo where my hair looks rubbish, or my facial expression is just plain wrong. But I'm at work and don't have any of these on my computer (what a shame! Tehe), so I'm gonna go totally against today's topic/question, and post the cutest picture I can find...

* Note: I actually google'd 'the cutest picture in the world' and this was the first image that came up.


  1. i love squished face kittens and puppies.
    my mom has a lahsa apsu/shih tzu dog, he has the cutest ever squish face and I love him to pieces for it.

  2. Eee it looks like a scotish fold kitten. I want one of these kitties so baddd.