Saturday, 20 February 2010

Day #9 - A photo I took.

Most of the photos I have are taken by me, even the pictures of me. I honestly look awful in photos that other people take. And I'm not being modest, it's very true. It may be because I don't like having people take my photo so I tend not to 'pose' as such and look really bad... double chin, grimace, messy fringe... all of that! So most photos of myself, I take. (I know, how Myspace! Guilty!) I did a photoshoot once, mainly to have the experience of it and hopefully get over having my photo taken (didn't really work!) It turned out fun, but it didn't feel right posing in front of a white background with a professional photographer, I felt shy and kinda silly! It was good though to see the photos and have them to look back on. Plus Garazi, the photographer, she was lovely and it was good fun!

Anyway... this photo. It's bad quality and again taken by yours truly. Mikee and I aren't the usual Myspace type 'let's take photos of us kissing' people. Maybe because we're nearer 30 than 20! But this photo was a rare one of those photos and although it's not great quality (I actually think the sepia/bad quality adds to the effect anyway!) I do love it. Reminds me of what we were like when we first met. It's easy to forget romance, and even lust, and just be all housework and bills when you live together. And this photo was when I was still coming down to Cardiff every weekend to stay at Mikee's. Uncomplicated (well, as uncomplicated as possible!) crushes and kissing... a magical time!

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