Sunday, 21 February 2010


So there I was, making a sock monkey and watching The Shining... my Blackberry started telling me that a person was commenting on some of my photos. I know this girl slightly, have met her once and always found her likeable. But for some reason she picked tonight as a night to comment on any 'vegan orientated' photo of me, basically being aggressive and challenging my views.

I can handle my views on animal rights being challenged. But this girl was accusing me of not checking ingredients and eating non-vegan foods, not caring for all animals (I never did find out what she was referring to here!?) and for supporting the Animal Liberation Front who are 'terrorists'.

This was all very unexpected, and the way she put her views across... well they were totally personal and aimed at me. For once, I kept my cool and calmly responded to each comment (though they were more like accusations):

She commented on a lame photo I had uploaded, of two packs of Fig Roll biscuits (comparing how crazily identical their packets were, despite being different brands). She told me that they contained margarine, which contained '"80% beef fat". Where she got this from, I do not know. Not only is it untrue (as any vegan would, I check ingredients on everything I buy), but it was a blanket statement... not all margarines are the same! And most of them are at least vegetarian if not vegan... Beef fat? Whaaaa? Not in my experience anywho. I told her I always checked the ingredients for the following reasons: If you're vegan, you have to (unless it is marked vegan, which it often isn't). I have OCD, which though normally controlled, usually means I have to 'double check' things. And because I would be mortified if I uploaded a photo claiming something was vegan, and it wasn't. As she was trying to say.

She told me that the Animal Liberation Front are terrorists... I disagreed. She then posted 'facts' (that were obviously cut and paste from Google) that backed up her terrorist point. I told her that had she asked, she would have known that I used to think the ALF were guilty of killing scientists and terrorist activities, I used to disagree with them... until I read up on it all. I also told her I believe there are assholes in every walk of life, animal rights supporters included. See... I kept my cool! (Though, if you see how many times she attacked me, you would see why I found it so hard!)

Like I said, I never did find out what she meant by me 'loving all animals', she seemed to be indicating that I didn't love all animals. I even asked her about this, but she totally backtracked. I thought maybe she meant I didn't care for humans as much... though she didn't say that. The answer to that (anyway, seen as we're on the subject!) is that I believe all living creatures, human and non-human, have a right to live. Animals cannot speak for themselves, they are mostly defenceless against humans... I believe that if we can look after the smallest of species, it should help us to find compassion for the human race also.

Anyway... all of this really got me down. I hadn't said anything to her personally to spark it off. If she had even put it differently it would have been taken okay, though to be honest late Saturday night isn't a particular favourite night of mine to debate! But she was so aggressive and personal towards to me... it was unrelenting! I really felt shitty after it all, and it totally took away my working mood... needless to say mr sock monkey will have to wait until tomorrow now!

The end result? Said person messaged me with the following: 'Just to let you know I am deleting you, we obviously have very different views, good luck with the ALF'. This just made me realise how silly this person was. It really did seem she simply thought, "I am going to unleash all my anti-vegan views on... Maria! Yes, that's the one!" What a shame that I let it get to me. Although I wish that no-one would eat meat, I never attack individual meat eaters. It's not fair, and it's not right. Meat eaters are not bad people! But this woman tonight, she seemed to think it was fair to attack me, and to accuse me of eating non-vegan foods... that really got me.

Rant over. Sorry lovelies!


  1. What a shit girl she is.
    That would bother me too because it's totally uncalled for : (
    But hey, at least you were the "bigger person" (i used to hate my mom telling me to be that person cuz i didn't want to be "big") and that's always good : )

  2. I get this so much. Not in terms of someone attacking my beliefs as strongy as said girl did to you, but people who feel the need to pass pointless comment or try and 'catch you out'. ALl I can say is, you know as a vegan, as well as I do that veganism is 'TRYING as much as possible to avoid all animal based/tested products.' There are always slip ups cause it's hard to keep tabs on everything. But you are doing a much bigger thing than that (for want of a better word) twat who feels it obligatory to make a fuss about something that's none of her business.

    It's funny how she finds it necessary to read up on things about veganism which are "bad" but not on the health issues/enviromental problems/cruelty to animals that eating meat causes.

    Definately don't waste anymore time thinking about her idiotic passive aggressive messages when she is clearly dumb.

  3. The only advice I can give is not to let these kind of things get under your skin. Its not worth it.

  4. Owl eyes, you hit the nail on the head. What is it with people always trying to 'catch out' vegans?

    Lately I have heard a lot of "Well, if you're vegan you should care for the planet, you shouldn't do this, you shouldn't do that." And always from meat eaters!

    I never say it to them. But I have a theory... their guilt of NOT being vegan causes them to try pick holes in the nearest vegan to them, because they feel pretty damn inferior. I am not saying they should feel guilty or are inferior at all, but I do get the feeling it's a bit like the 'bully mentality'. As in, "I am unhappy with myself, and am going to take it out on you, as you seem to feel strongly about certain things which I am unsure of".

    I feel like sometimes I should come with a disclaimer:

    I am vegan. I do not eat animals, wear animals, use animal tested products or support any type of animal abuse, whether it be never walking your dog, or actually killing an animal. I care for humans, for animals and the planet. But I am not perfect, nor do I try to be. I just try to be the best person, and vegan, I can be!

    Thank you for the lovely comment and for following my blog! Always nice to meet someone with similar beliefs!

    Ashley... You're always so lovely, and I really appreciate you commenting my blogs so much! Sometimes blogging feels a lot like talking to myself, so feedback is always awesome! :D

    M. That is great advice, thank you!


  5. who was that dear? we'll slag her off next time i'm over!

    people are twats x

  6. It was one of the Clutterfly girls (ie. not Beth!) x

  7. I agree with the above-posters. Really, I live my life for *me* and it's charming when people take the extra time out of their lives to care about mine but it's not necessary and is usually more about them than it is about me, anyway. I am happy to discuss things but when people are obviously trying to pick a fight I can exercise the option to not bother. It is, after all, *my* time.