Tuesday, 9 February 2010

things i am liking right now

well,duh!and yes...i am starting to enjoy watching eric.but only one more episode and i will have to wait like everyone else for season 3!waaaaaah!:S

houmous and salad sandwiches!mine don't look as yummy as this,but they taste pretty darn awesome.

it took a while for this to grow on me,but with mikee playing it often,i do like it now!

i have no idea if this live version is any good as i am at work and don't have the sound on my computer,but i really dislike the actual video so chose the live version!anyway,this is another band that mikee plays a lot called Amusement Parks On Fire and their cd has grown on me.the music is really dreamy and shoegaze-y.which is lovely!

shabby chic heart bunting!someone at work asked me for decoration ideas for her boyfriend for valentines day...and something like this came to mind!we found some instructions online to make paper versions.but i would like to try make some fabric hearts this week.i have plenty of fabric scraps and stuffing,so i think i will give it a go!

now.this film is very violent and pretty disturbing.the rape scene (and most of the film) is shocking,and almost unwatchable.but there's something about this film i really like.and it is so much better than the original.i find it hard to explain,but even though the criminals in this are pure evil,there's something about them that hints that what they are doing doesn't make them feel good.especially the female character.there's an eerie quietness to some parts of the film,and i think the acting (especially of the criminals) is amazing,although shocking.the parents actions,also horrifying,are hard to disagree with.it shows just how a parent would feel,were it their child.and besides all this,and this being a 'standard' horror film,the cinematography is beautiful.the score used and the way this film is shot,at times,is beautiful. i would recommend this film to most film lovers,but only those who aren't offended easily by violence.

and lastly!joaquin phoenix.this man is awesome.his acting (especially gladiator and walk the line).his veganism.his narration of the groundbreaking documentary Earthlings.and his response to letterman's doucheness in this interview.people say that it's joaquin being weird and crazy... but come on,letterman's interviewing skills are pitiful.if ridiculing someone to their face and on air can be called interviewing.joaquin did not get an ounce of respect in this interview.and i can totally understand the way he handles himself in this.it can all be summed up with this exchange (just one of the many low points of this 'interview')...

"Letterman began the interview by saying: "It has been three years since your last visit. I just want to say now you look different from the last time. You have a beard going on now. Is it comfortable, is it itchy, are you pleased with it?"

A clearly uneasy Phoenix stumbled over his words as he replied: "How do you mean? I am OK with it, but now you are making me feeling weird about it." "

i mean,who starts an interview talking about someone's facial hair?!

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  1. I'm back. Thanks for the white background.

    It late over here, I'll try to read the blogs I've missed since the blog went black.

    Talk with ya later.