Monday, 1 February 2010

true love for true blood

so i well and truly gave in,and decided to give true blood another go.i actually saw the first episode quite a while back,before it actually blew up over here in the uk.i did enjoy it,but i then had real trouble finding a streamable copy of the next episode and i kinda gave up.and then i did what i think all of us do at some point,and decided i didn't really like it,though i'd only seen one episode.
anywho,as i blogged a few posts back,i brought the first two sookie stackhouse books a few weeks ago,and have started on the first.i'm liking it so far,though i do find the writing a little...childish?not in a bad way's hard to explain,but i am slowly getting used to the way it is written.
anyway,i was searching for florence and the machine videos on youtube the other day and came across one of my favourites,'howl' set to true blood clips.this was enough to get me all intrigued,and i have seen up to episode 6 so far.and i'm loving it!i've finally gotten used to the sexual nature of the whole series,and am really loving the relationship sookie and bill have.i've been 'warned' that i'm gonna find eric pretty awesome,but so far i'm not too fussed on him.i'm all about bill.for now anyway...


it's always a rarity for me to find a tv series i love.i adore dexter,but i'm all up to date on that so have to wait for the next season (couldn't believe season 4's ending!).i was watching the forgotten,but then got a little tired of was all very samey,and a little schmaltzy...though i guess that's down to it being a jerry bruckheimer production?!mikee has just finished watching terminator:the sarah connor chronicles (which he loved) and i quite enjoyed watching it (though shirley manson is pretty damn poor in it).and mikee is so excited about lost starting up again... me not so much,i enjoyed the first couple of seasons,but then i lost (get it?!)interest...and watching the last series...i just found it all too much,and almost too silly.maybe the last season will change my mind?


  1. Lost sucks now :( it breaks my heart.
    Dexter's season four ending was what i was waiting for the whole series, honestly.
    i loved battlestar galactica (yep, sci-fi nerd) and miss it, but now i have caprica. battlestar was good. many many hot dudes. trust me. i wouldn't lie about hotness.

  2. oh Eric grows on you I love him now

  3. yay! I'll bring my boxset tomorrow so you can catch up on the rest without having to wait for the stupid net to stream!

    and eric! ooohhhhh eric! :) YUMMY!

    and Howl is my fave Florence track too! We are awesome :) x

  4. I was just telling someone I have to check out this Dexter show. I am still trying to finish book 3 for Twilight, so the sookie books are still sitting on my desk. I watched season 1 and I thought it was pretty good.

    Also, I like the Pink!!

  5. sam...i love're as awesome as i am even ;)

    erica... you HAVE to watch is such a perfect mix of crime,suspense and humour.and the characters are amazing...especially dexter and his sister debs (who are coincidentally married in real-life,which is awesome).you have 4 seasons to catch up on and i think that's almost better than watching it as it airs because you can totally nerd out and watch tons of episodes back to back!

    art deco dame (i couldn't find your name anywhere on your blog/profile,apologies if it was staring me in the face!)-i will trust your judgement on eric and i look forward to developing a vamp crush on him ;) i like his hair!

    ashley-i will have to let my boyfriend know about your recommendation,as he too is a sci-fi geek :D

  6. you don't have to tell him about the hot dudes. there's plenty of hot ladies like the most beautiful woman ever, tricia helfer.

  7. i didn't like true blood at first, but after much nagging from my friends i watched it again and now love it!

  8. aw me too julia!i'm on season 2 now and loving it.still waiting to see bill be a 'douche' as i've been told he is,hehe.