Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Day #20 - A hobby of mine.

Being creative. In any shape or form. Until recently it was mainly in the guise of drawing. For years I was convinced I wanted to become a tattoo artist. But last year I realised that perhaps it wasn't really for me. Something was missing. As much as I loved to draw, it just wasn't fulfilling enough. And I realised that there was a reason I hadn't got an apprenticeship yet... simply because I didn't try hard enough.

So anyway... I seem to have finally found my true passion in the form of Dolly Dearest. I do a bit of everything for DD, collage, fabrics, jewellery making... it feels so amazing to so something I love, and (sometimes) get some financial gain out of it! I am so busy right now and it's awesome.

I felt like a failure with my drawing, but with DD I feel like I am finally putting in the most effort and hard work I possibly can. It's an awesome feeling!

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