Wednesday, 3 March 2010


This morning I had a surprise parcel delivered to my work (being the Receptionist, I open the post each day). I was expecting a (very basic) mp3 player and some paper shopping bags to come, but I knew I hadn't ordered anything from I don't think I've ever ordered anything from Play!?

Anyway, I was truly confused... but opened my parcel and found a lovely New Moon lion necklace! It has a tiny little silver heart near the clasp which says 'Edward' and comes with a little New Moon velvet-feel pouch... such lovely little details! It turns out the naughty Sam had brought it me!!!! Eeeee, it put such a smile on my face... I am truly so touched and so lucky to have such an amazing friend!

Anyway, I soon ordered her a little present in return (she already knows, don't worry I'm not spoiling anything!), though I'm not saying what it is. Now that would be silly!

Love you Sam xxx

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