Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Fed up with a capital Eff.

So today I feel like shit. Maybe it's because the last few days I've been in a hangover fog... but that's almost gone now and I feel shitty still. I feel really sad and down.

It may be because the venue manager for Vintage Pretty is dicking me around. I called him up to arrange the next date yesterday, and he was either out or too busy. he asked me to call back today. So I just did. One of the first things he said was, "I told you to call back at 3.30". He didn't. So I told him that if he had I obviously would have called at that time. And then on and on and on he went about how busy he was, how he'd just walked in the door, he had meetings... What really got to me was when he said it wasn't a convenient time for him. Erm, well how about me? You think I have all day to call you? I'm at work 9-8pm today, I don't have all the time in the world to try and arrange a date for the fair sorry. I just came off the phone feeling really shitty. Especially as they'd mucked me around on Saturday (telling me that the doors wouldn't be opening until 12pm, even though last time it was 11am and I had put that on all of the flyers and posters. Asking me if we could all get out by 5pm as they had something going on in the room afterwards... I mean we already knew that anyway, but it was like, jeez, want us just to go home now?! And then of course charging us for the bar being open, and then it wasn't. Though luckily I got the additional money back for that one.)

My foul mood could also be helped along by the pure selfishness of people around me. People that only message me to talk about themselves, or to say how they're doing. That's ok, don't ask about me or anything. And then there's the constant disagreeing for the sake of it (if I say it's night, it's clearly day), the 'competing' to be right all of the time, basically acting as if everything I say is dumb and needs correcting straight away.

I'm sorry, I know I sound like a douche, and I'm pure negativity right now... just feel so fed up and disillusioned with things around me. I am also just so sick of struggling with money, when I work my ass off, even in my spare time.

I'll cheer up later, but I'm just gonna wallow for now I guess.


  1. Wow that sounds stinky!!! I hope things get better!!

    PS - I love your new blog header, the company that shot that is located here in Austin!!

  2. Aw thank you lovely, think I'm just tired and stressed!

    Eeeeep, hope they don't mind me using their photo, it's just so beautiful!x

  3. I love the header too! I was going to comment on your post but I may say things unsuitable for public so I'll message you on FB. Ignore all the horrible people though, they are not worth the time you spend thinking about them.

  4. i love you, dont be sad xxx

  5. noooo! please don't be sad :( today did suck + people can be dicks but you can go home now and relax! keep smiling sweetheart x

  6. Feel better soon, sweetie! Sometimes people are jerky, but just know that you're a good person and sweet as can be!

  7. Aw ladies... you never fail to cheer me up! I am feeling a lot better today, thank you!x