Thursday, 1 April 2010

The SaturDAY before the SaturNIGHT

Before the overall carnage of Saturday night (we drank way too much!), the daytime was rather calm and relaxed. Well, once we'd gotten in to set up our stalls for Vintage Pretty. Being the organiser too means I need to go hassle the bar staff if we need things, if the front doors not open, if they are opening later than we did last time (despite them assuring me it was all fine when I'd called to check the details in the week)... It was all a little hectic for the first hour, but once everyone was set up (including myself) I could relax a little.

I had the lovely Heidi with me, who had come down from Coventry the night before. (We spent Friday night chilling out and watching the film 'Into the Wild', which stars a very young looking Kristen Stewart! Awkward as ever!)

The lovely gift Heidi brought me... always wanted one and brought my mom a similar one not too long ago!

Heidi and Bela (doing a huuuuuge yawn!)

And of course Mikee was there to help (I have to give him credit, he always helps when he can with my fayre outings!). Heidi is amazing at makey makey type stuff, and she had brought some of her awesome robots (the giant robots were a new thing, and I fell in love with them HARD!) and other felt/fabric creatures to sell.

Unfortunately the fayre was considerably quieter this time round. Apparently a lot of the local university students had already gone home for Easter. Well, that's what I'm hoping, would hate if it was because they just didn't want to come! It bummed me out a little, but having said that it was still an awesomely chilled day (after the initial rushing around) and I got to spend lots of time with Heidi, and Saffy who turned up around midday bless her. She's just like me though, and doesn't like having her photo taken, hence why these pictures just show her looking away (though I think her side profile is beautiful anyway!)

Once the fayre was finished at 5pm, and we had chilled at ours for a bit (along with Mikee's two friends), Saffy, Heidi and I ventured to Wok to Walk. For once I had something slightly different; mixed vegetables (instead of egg free noodles) with tofu. It was pretty darn tasty! After that we saw Saffy off to the train station where she was being picked up, and Heidi and I rushed back to get ready for the evening.

(Cue lots of Sambuca, Lady Gaga, drunkenly trying to apply Dia De Los Muertos themed makeup, which by the way was very difficult, and trying to get ready and out as soon as possible. We failed on the time scale and almost missed Mikee's bands gig, which we were going to see before the nights fancy dress party for our mutual friend, and my old flatmate, Lewis).

Anyway here's some photos from the day!

The Brain and Pinky, just chilling with mister bunny.

The above three photos are the items I won for becoming the 100th fan of one of the stallholder's Facebook page! Her stuff is so beautiful and I was blown away by my goodies! She can be found here

A very dark picture of Vintage Pretty in action (my BlackBerry camera is a bit lame).

These little fellas are from a Vintage Pretty regular, World Of Oddy's Emporium of Whimsy! The lady behind it, Alison, is so sweet and one of the most eager sellers when it comes to booking her stall for the fair! She gave me the one on the left, I'd been admiring him at the first fair and totally forgot to buy him... I didn't want to accept it but she insisted I have him! So sweet of her! The pink one in the middle is one I brought to keep Brain company (they're called Pinky and the Brain... Heidi's idea!), and the floppy fellow on the end is Heidi's. He's amazing! There's something about Alison's creations that puts a smile on everybodies faces! She does awesome jewellery and accessories too, as well as being a brilliant photographer!

The little creature I brought from World Of Oddy for Saffy. She named him Eric, and although you can't tell, here he is sitting on his miniature toilet (also known as Saffy's mirror compact).

Saffy brought me a cute little bath bomb from one of the stalls, which is an amazing little company called Bon Bombs... their bath bombs look so much like cake it's unreal... they smell good too! Mine will be more of an ornament though, I couldn't bear to let it dissolve and melt away!


  1. Ah, thanks for the link! I love those lucky cats, I've had to take the batteries out of mine though they drive me insane! x

  2. The day part sounds so nice, and I'm glad you got to spend lots of quality time with friends! It's a bummer that the fair was a little slow, but those robots are adorable!!! Hope you're back to feeling 100%!