Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Random... with added sadness.

Today is a sad day, Corey Haim has died, aged just 38.

I think watching Lost Boys tonight will be a fitting tribute. What a shame though.

On a more cheerful note, it has been rumoured that the teaser trailer for Eclipse will go online at 6am (US)/ 2pm-ish (UK) on Thursday. I've read it's only 10 seconds long... but then another site mentions this 10 second teaser, and then mentions a full length teaser? So we shall see. 10 seconds or not, I am so so excited!!!!

EDIT: I literally just googled it now, and here's the 10 second trailer!

And it has been confirmed the full trailer will be released online tomorrow! *Faint!*



  2. Oh My Freaking WOW!!! You just made my day!!! <3 I think I might just have to watch this 10 more times...heh!