Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Day #26 - My week, in great detail

Actually, not great detail. I think that will be way too boring! So, here's a usual week (if there is one?!) in not-very-much detail. Before you go any further I am a total homebody so don't go out much at all.

* Also note that a couple of weeks a month I do fayre's on the weekend, and one weekend I usually go to Wolverhampton to see my family.


9-5pm - work.
5.15pm - 6.15pm - Driving lesson.
6.15pm onwards... food, films, crafting.
12pm or over... Bedtime.

Tuesday through to Friday.

Pretty much exactly the same as Monday but without the driving lesson (though I am meant to be having an hour on a Friday too from next week).

Sleep in until 12pm usually (I know! I never used to be such a sloth!)
Usually head into town for a wander round, but this isn't every week. We really don't have a set routine on the weekends so I don't know what else to write!

Similar to Saturday, but usually without the trip to town!

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