Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Tattoos - numero trois!

This is Grace. She lives on my right hand, and was beautifully created by one of my very favourite tattoo artists Jurgen Eckel.

I adore Eckel's work and was so amazed when I managed to book in with him for the 2008 London Tattoo Convention. As he's originally from Germany, I always thought that he'd be an artist I'd admire from afar and not actually get work from! But I was thrilled to hear back from him to arrange my appointment on the Saturday, and told him he could pretty much do one of 'his blue ladies'. He's known for them, as well as stunningly beautiful art (both on skin and on canvas).

So when I arrived at the convention on the Saturday he showed me the design and I was absolutely blown away! It did hurt (the actual tattoo process took around two hours at the most) but I already had my left hand tattooed so knew what to expect). Eckel kept apologising for the pain, and I kept apologising for squirming!

I was so pleased with the end result, and it is my favourite tattoo to this day. Eckel seemed so lovely, and although we didn't chat much (mixture of slight language barrier and big shyness, on my part anyway!)I really enjoyed getting to meet someone whose work I admire so much!

(Eckel has also done my Riding Hood neckpiece, already featured. I'm hoping eventually for him to do the wolf on the other side of my neck, when I can pluck up the courage to handle the pain again, and when he's back over in the UK!)


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  2. I love that tattoo, it's so pretty!!! I don't know how you do it, I almost passed out when I had to get my allergy test and that's just a series of tiny jabs up the arm that don't even draw blood.

  3. Aw thank you lovely ladies! :D

    Ashley - I don't like needles at all to be honest, but with tattoo needles, they scratch rather than sink in, which is good! Couldn't handle THAT! x