Monday, 8 March 2010

Tattoos! Part Two!

I am a movie geek. More precisely a 300 geek. I friggin' love that film. It took my breath away when I saw it, especially the battle scenes. Some people say it's lame because a lot of it was filmed against a green screen, some of the muscles on the Spartans were airbrushed on, etc etc. But I have to disagree, I think it is an amazingly epic piece of film.

The soundtrack is amazing... Nine Inch Nails and Azam Ali... just breathtaking. The score itself evokes so much emotion in me. The actors (namely Gerard Butler and Lena Headey) were brilliant I thought, I couldn't imagine anyone else in their roles. And the story really took my imagination away... and the ending... wow, it moved me to tears. You see, I love the film Gladiator (Don't worry though, I know the two stories are very different, hehe)... but it lacked something that I feel 300 has... A bit of darkness underneath the historical story, and an energy that just sucks you in.

Anyway, so, this is why I chose the tattoo I have on my forearm. I love the 300 artwork, and I loved the strength of Lena Headey's Queen Gorgo. I'm not feminist by any means (I believe in equal rights for everyone, and I think there's good and bad in both of the sexes...) but the character of Gorgo is so beautiful, so composed and so strong... I just knew I would feel comfortable explaining my choice of tattoo if anyone thought to ask!

I was intending to have it done on my leg, but then decided to have it on my forearm... which was quite a step for me as I did not have any lower arm/hand tattoos at that point. My tattooist Mandie (who I helped out at the studio for a few months... loved it so much!) was chuffed I decided to have it somewhere more prominent. We toyed with the idea of having Leonidas tattooed somewhere too... but then decided that a tattoo of a muscly and sweaty man probably wouldn't suit me! Haha.

Once Mandie had done my tattoo, I was just in love with it. She nailed it. And I still absolutely adore it. It's the only 'portrait' style piece I have, but I would love another portrait style tattoo again, there's something so special about having an amazing image copied line for line onto your skin. I was thinking of having a Johnny Cash portrait done at some point... Who knows?!


  1. it is an amazing film, and seeing it in HD is an absolute treat! especially being able to watch the green screen at the same time and seeing how much is added in, which i also feel is definately not a weakness! its created an atmosphere and ambience not seen in a film before, and one that will be emulated for years.

    absolute classic!

  2. I loved this movie, for so many reasons. Your tattoo is sweet!! I swear if I was close we would be watching movies all the time!!!