Monday, 7 June 2010

At first where you scared of getting your art out there? I love drawing and i think ive got a real talent for it but putting it out there for people scares the hell out of me :/

Awww... well if you mean with my Santa Macabre makey makey stuff... not scared really. Just hopeful that people would like it. But I did have to do a fair at first to see how it would all go, and when I nearly sold out I was in heaven! It may sound like I'm bragging, but I was just so pleased and excited and grateful!
When I used to spend all my time drawing, I used to really beat myself up over it, and I think that may be partly where I went wrong... I didn't believe in myself enough and was too shy to get out there and chase an apprenticeship, or even just some constructive criticism.
Even if you post your work online you run the risk of someone picking it apart with criticism or comments... So I suppose you have to just 'man up' and do it... because that's definitely preferable to not making that step.
Sometimes people I've know in the past have frustrated me (ok, so maybe just one person, who I no longer have contact with) because they don't do ANYTHING with their spare time... nothing at all... I suppose I would suggest people do something creative with their spare time... but anything... jeez... I can't understand people who don't devote time to their passions and interests. That's the saddest thing.
So, in short I think you have to force yourself out of your comfort zone at first... like even now I get a little nervous thinking of selling at fairs, but I couldn't take the easy way out and stay at home instead, it would drive me insane to think of everyone out there and I took the easiest way out.

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