Friday, 27 August 2010

Women are strange.

Yesterday evening, I had a good time! I met a couple of friends for some drinks before they were heading to see Alkaline Trio. (I've never really been into AT, and after a day at work, probably wouldn't have gone anyway... I know, I'm such a party animal!)

So, we headed to Pica Pica for cocktails. I am not normally a cocktail person, but Pica Pica is known for doing two for £6.60, which everyone seems to love. I chose the Apricot Cooler this time... I had wanted this drink the last time we were there, but they were out of vodka. I thought about it last night and... how on earth can a bar be out of vodka? Someone needs to sort their ordering out, haha.

I only knew Sian and Laura (Laura has known Mikee for years, and they are currently in a band together). They both brought friends along, Natalie and Elaine, who were both so lovely. It's so nice to just get out for a while and have a good time... and although it was a little nerve wracking thinking of hanging out with a group of people who all knew each other, but not me, it turned out awesome.

Later on in the evening, a girl called Chloe asked Sian if she could come meet her, as she too was going to the gig... she was coming with Jo. Jo used to be my closest friend, until we had a big falling out. We did make it up, but soon after Jo had decided she wasn't really interested in keeping the friendship going... I will admit that this episode, and the things that were said about my character and personality, really hurt me. And for the first time ever, in regards to a friendship, I climbed into bed sobbing my eyes out over it.

So anyway, Sian asked if this would be okay, and I told her it'd be fine. I knew it would be super awkward, but I like to think I'm old enough now just to suck it up and get on with it.

When they first came in, they seemed to have sat down somewhere else, and I have to say, I felt super embarassed that my presence had basically kept them away! The girls I was with were so sweet and jokingly saying they would 'back me up'... this made me smile, it's so nice to meet just genuine, lovely people... it's a real treat :)

However, Chloe and Jo came over then, and I suddenly felt so shy. Jo said hello to me, which I was shocked about, and I went all quiet and unable to make eye contact, though I did say hello back of course! It was sooo weird, but eventually Jo got chatting to me, and as weird and awkward as it was, it was nice. Really nice. And it made me realise just how much I cared for her when we were friends... you know when you fall out with someone, you look back and think "How did I even like this person?!"... Well, just seeing Jo made me realise all the good times we had together, and what a good friend she had been to me. I felt a little sad to be truthful.

Eventually it was time for everyone to head to the gig, even Lewis had popped in to say hello before he went. We'd gone to dinner on Tuesday evening, which had been nice. We were housemates and then flatmates until the start of this year, and he's a good person. We have a similar sense of humour too.

It was kinda funny to be walking off from the whole group of people... I'm always the loner, haha. But I was pretty tipsy by then, so it was definitely for the best!

Once I got home I felt pretty yucky, so crashed out on the sofa.

It felt so good to have a good night out though, and really reminded me of how much I enjoyed going out a short while back. I think it can be so easy to get stuck in a rut/comfort zone, and just stay in... But going out makes me appreciate my home surroundings even more, so I think I will keep trying to pull myself out of my shell a bit!

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