Sunday, 29 August 2010

Vintage Pretty.

Yesterday was the first Vintage Pretty in our new venue, Ten Feet Tall, right in the centre of Cardiff. It's an amazing little bar/eaterie, and is owned by the same people as VP's previous venue Buffalo. But, it just goes to show how good staff can make all the difference... this venue made us feel welcome, made us feel we were an asset to them that day (not an inconvenience) and generally helped us all out. It made such a difference, and I think everyone enjoyed the change of scenery... and the friendly staff!

Two things seriously bugged me that day... I dropped a £10 note somewhere... and couldn't find it... SO frustrating! And I only made £16 which is such a quiet day for me... As I am going to Brighton with Heidi in under two weeks I was hoping to make some extra spending money... but hey ho, it's only money.

As usual it was lovely to catch up with my craft fair buddies, they're all so lovely. And it's brilliant to know that there are so many creative people out there!

Seen as I only sold a few items yesterday, this is what I am currently selling...


  1. OMG...I want that Lady of the Dead cameo necklace. Would shipping be a TON? I hope so, because that pink and black one needs to be mine. Let me know, please!

  2. Aw hehe... I'm guessing it would only be a couple of dollars more? If you want to buy it lovely, I can send it over to you no worries. It would be an honour!

    If you do want to buy it lovely, tell me and I will alter the shipping price for you :) xxx