Friday, 13 August 2010

yaawn yawn

I'm at work, waiting for it to be 5pm, so I can go home. And not come back until Monday. First though I need to do my driving lesson at 5.15, then I am officially free of things like work and driving lessons until Monday. When I have both. Did I tell you I booked my driving test? Eeek. My dad told me not to tell people the exact date so it can be a nice surprise when I do eventually pass (I'm assuming I won't pass first time, so it would be super amazing if I did).

Tomorrow I am once again up at 6.30am for my coach to Wolverhampton. I have been going more regularly lately, since I realised I could get the Megabus rather than the train. £12 return is a hell of a lot better than £45. I much prefer it when we all go down (Mikee, the boys and myself)in the car, but the car is up for MOT this weekend, so it's just me bussing it down again. I do enjoy coach journeys, with my ipod on and being left to my own thoughts though, it definitely makes me appreciate Mikee and the boys more when I get back.

Anyway, so I'm going to Wolverhampton for my older brother's 32nd birthday (I think it's his 32nd anyway...). Which should be nice. I never know what to get my family, so I just give them the money I would have spent on a gift. That way they can buy something they really want. I still get them a card though, that would be so lame not to!

It'll be nice to see my family. Jasmine is growing up so fast, she is seriously the happiest little girl around. And it's nice to go for a drink on Saturday evening's with my dad and his partner Joan. I'm guessing my mom and I will go for a meal on Sunday before I head back for Cardiff. Plus, it's nice to see my twin and my older brother of course.

I'm also intending to see my nan. She has been in a nursing home for a few weeks now. She is 95, and although my dad (and his sister in more recent years) have done all they can, they just can't give her the 24 hour help she needs (one of them is with her 24 hours, but they're not as good as a trained carer would be). It certainly makes you appreciate your life more, when you look at someone my nan's age. It is almost like she has reverted back to childhood in that she is unable to look after herself. It's very upsetting, but as long as she is safe, taken care of and as happy as can be expected, I think we are doing okay.

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