Tuesday, 7 September 2010


Tomorrow, as mentioned, I am going to Brighton with my good friend Heidi.

I am really anxious. And a little scared. What is wrong with me? I'm not even leaving the UK for goodness sake... Maybe it's because I haven't been on holiday for years, or that the only place I go without Mikee and the boys (as in for a few days at a time) is Wolverhampton to see my family.

Why am I so anxious? I feel a little upset too... I shouldn't feel upset, I'm going on holiday with my great friend... I'm an idiot, really.


  1. I get like this too...I understand :)

  2. Sometimes I get like that also - it's just the stress of having to plan, then leave, then have faith that busting out of my normal safe contented routine that I actually like is going to be fun. It usually is though! Have fun, lady!

  3. Aww bless you. Anxiety can't be helped and I sure know how you feel, but it'll turn out fine in the end and I'm sure you'll enjoy yourself.
    I hope your anxious feeling goes and is replaced with excitement!
    Have a lovely time :)

  4. I hope you had a nice time in Brighton, its one of my fave places :D

    also hope the anxiety got better, i suffer with it a lot so i understand how annoying and upsetting it can be *hugs*