Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Brighton in pictures... (picture heavy!)

So! Sorry for my lack of posting lately... been super busy lately! Still weird to say that, Im not used to being busy! But... here's pictures of the Brighton trip I took with Heidi a couple of weeks ago. It was so cool just to chill out, and just as everyone said I would, I really enjoyed Brighton!

Heidi and I <3 (I look painfully gothic in some of these pics!)

We went geocaching again... so much fun!

Brighton beach

Brighton Pavillion

Brighton Pier

The old pier

I got my hands tattooed while down there, by an artist called Jonny Breeze at Inka tattoo studio. I wanted to get loose fangs, as if they had been pulled out (I like how this is used as a punishment in True Blood)... kind of gothic, but totally me! I totally flaked as soon as he started and had to stop, put my head between my legs, have a fizzy drink and have a fan put next to me. I remember the same happening when I had my fingers done. A few minutes later I was fine, and sat okay (I think!) for the rest of the tattooing.. I guess it's a shock to the system and sometimes the body is going to react that way? I'm just glad I got over it quickly!

The food we ate was amazing! Brighton is paradise for vegan food. There was the vegan breakfast (tofu, mushrooms, baked tomatoes with vegan pesto, vegan sausages, baked beans and chips, with toast and vegan spread, and tea with soya milk!) at Wai Kika Moo Kau (LOVE that place!), there was our first meal there (vegan mushroom lasagne, vegan mashed potato and butter, houmous) and so much more! We also went to Red Veg, which is a veggie/vegan fast food style cafe... but the prices were pretty expensive, the service not too good and the food just a bit... well... meh.

I also found my new favourite snack though... totally delicious and totally vegan!

We're not huge party girls, so most of our time was spent shopping and chilling out, as well as having a drink in the evenings. Whoa, we're so crazy!

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  1. looks like you had lots of fun! i've always wanted to visit brighton beach and that vegan food looks delicious!