Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Random photo dump!

I'm faithful to my Blackberry, but if only it had photo apps like the iPhone...


My corner! (Work in progress as far as decorating it goes!)

More webcam photos with the boys!

My sloth BEAR (people don't get when I say sloth bear, I mean sloth bear... not the 'usual' sloth, as much as I adore them!) They are usually black but the tattooist (Brad T at Thomas Street tattoo studio in Llanelli) felt it would look a bit too dark so added the brown. It hurt so bad... over 2 and a half hours of agony... being tattooed is definitely getting worse for me! And it's been hurting ever since, like hurts to put foot on the floor kinda hurting. Sob. I named him Tufty anyway :) I will definitely be going back for more work from Brad. So pleased!

Work has been... trying... lately. Rashida and Estelle, my lovely work friends, got me these today. I never get flowers and I was blown away... totally made my day!

I'm not a teddy bear kinda girl, but these are adorable... (and yes, they're on a shopping channel! My mom loves QVC!)

Lots of travelling on the coach lately... drawing, my iPod and snacks make these journeys a lot easier!

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