Monday, 4 January 2010


once again,thank you all for the sweet birthday wishes,it means such a lot to me!i've had so many 'happy birthday' messages on facebook too,really surprised me!might not mean a lot to everyone,but it sure does to me!

i didn't get up to a huge lot today,but i have still probably had the best birthday i've had for years!mikee made me breakfast and gave me some super thoughtful and lush presents (a lot of them i had noticed myself before,and mentioned to mikee when we were shopping.just goes to show he does listen to me,i do sometimes wonder!).i loved every single one of them,and i was so touched that he'd gone to so much effort!i had to wait for him yesterday while he was in the shop,and he was 15-20 minutes...that's a long time for mikee!

did i mention mikee cut his hair?i think he looks so cute!

loved my presents!the ferret birthday card made me giggle so much!and mikee addressed the envelope 'to the constantly ageing maria',which was a little new moon in-joke.he must love me!hehe.

even the paper was cute!

after a late breakfast (we've not got up before 12pm much at all these last couple of weeks while i've been off work!),we popped into feels like we've been there every day lately!my dad had sent me a little money in a card that i got today (risky,but i managed to get it intact!) so i went and spent it all in primark!i totally needed some new clothes,so it was awesome to be able to do that!now's there's just the reindeer jumper i want in new look..!we had dinner in town,which was lovely was just such a fun and relaxed day!

mikee and his friend tom popped out to the supermarket,and i stayed in and streamed a film with zooey deschanel in it called's a good,sweet film,and worth a watch,but i don't know if i'd buy it.i also managed to get a sock monkey made as i watched,which is always good!multitasking,i does it!

the only slight irritation of the day was that i received an email saying that i had sold a diary on my folksy shop page.i haven't been on folksy for a while,and didn't realise i hadn't even taken this specific diary off sale...seen as i'd already sold it to a work friend.eeek!but!i was so lucky,i managed to find scraps of the same materials and the same type of diary...and i almost pulled it off,despite the slight difference with the black lace in the bottom right corner.i'm hoping they won't mind too much,i will drop a little note in there explaining what happened!still,it's always lovely to sell something!

so it's been a lovely day,and although it would have been nice to go and see my family,i've spoke to them all.being a twin,it also would have been nice to see my brother on our birthday,but i'm hoping he's had an awesome day too!


  1. Happy birthday, my dear birthday girl!

    Wish a many many more years to come and wish you all the best in life!

  2. I am behind the curve, but wanted to wish you a very happy birthday!

  3. you said lush! you're turning welsh :P x