Monday, 4 January 2010


i have finally put together all the items i have scoured the shops (and the post-xmas sales!i do love a bargain!) for,and here it very first giveaway!
all you have to do to enter is comment me and tell me one very simple thing that can always make you happy.(like for example,i love putting my hands under the cold tap,the feel of the freezing cold water makes me feel so alive).
and then if you can include your email address,that would be just grand!
closing date for this giveaway is in two weeks time,on monday 18th january at 10pm GMT (UK time for the mentally challenged like myself).
good luck lovelies!

here are the goodies!

a few cards from one of my favourite shops,paperchase!the one on the far left is a postcard.the two in the middle are blank notecards from a set i have (i love them!) and the card on the right is an adorable kitty handcrafted birthday card.

h&m 'hello kitty' grey jersey-feel cosmetics bag,and a tub of 'eyeko cream' (it's a really cute looking japanese cosmetics brand.apparently the cream is 'eye cream,highlighter and moisturiser,with light reflectors and antioxidant vitamins'.oh,and it's not tested on animals,phew!)

paperchase super kitsch velveteen feel reindeer placecard/photo/card holders!

i handmade this little sock monkey just this evening,and thought i would add it to the goodies up for grabs!

and lastly,a super cute owl stationary set...gotta love them owls!


  1. eeeeeee best sock monkey i've ever seen ever!

    hes so lush! x

  2. cute giveaway! can't wait for you to pick the winner :)

    something that always makes me happy is cooking dinner with my boyfriend...we always share such great conversations and have so much fun!

    my email is

  3. Such cute things! I love the card with the boston terriers on it! Super sweet!!

    My puppy always makes me happy. I can come home and he's always jumping all over the place to greet me. When I'm upset, he stands next to me and puts his face in my lap. When I'm sleepy, he curls up next to me in bed. And his little eyes are so expressive and he can give the funniest little looks!


    let's see, what makes me happy...
    a hot bath in a freezing cold room.

    i love to run a steaming hot bath, turn on the fan, turn off the heat and open the window to the winter outside. the bath feels so good on your cold body AND your head never get overheated so you can stay in as long as you like. i read or sleep(probably not the best habit for a bathtub..but oh well)

    Yay for giveaways!
    Tyler xo

  5. What an amazing giveaway!

    One of the things that makes me most happy is when I'm alone, without anyone to hang out with, I go to a cute coffee shop, order myself a drink, and either write or read a book. This always seems to take my blues away!


  6. How cute!!

    * A bubble bath, glass of wine, and favorite cd.


  7. This is adorable..
    Things that always make me happy:watching degrassi the next generation(my life is never as bad haha) and puppies!!How can you be unhappy around a puppy?

  8. What a great giveaway!

    I have several things that make me super happy. One is to make the first slice into a nice clean white iced chocolate cake and getting crumbs all over everything, the second is putting clean sheets on the bed right before I go to sleep and lastly is getting the first cup of coffee from a freshly brewed pot. Yum.

    Courtney_Bruesch (at) yahoo (dot) com

  9. Ah I can't believe I missed this post!

    Food makes me happy right now. Ha as awful as that sounds. I love me some hot apple cinnamon oatmeal with a nice glass of hot chocolate in the morning.