Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Dear Tyler...

Did Formspring inform you I had replied to your amazing message? I hope so as I forgot to add to Blogger! And now I can't find it on my Formspring... let me know lovely, because I would like to include what you wrote on here...

You are amazing and thank you once again for your message.



  1. :D I'm glad you liked it! haha that was so long ago I completely forgot...

    this is it:

    I hope you read this right away, Maria!You are a lovely person and stick out the crap cuz sooner then you think you will be smiling that pretty smile again :D You rock! Can I have ur blog button url? I want to post it!! Feel better soon, <3 from Canada!Ty

    Oh my goodness! I only just saw this little lady! You have made me feel so awesome by sending me this!!!!!!!! <333333333
    I do have a blog button (which you can find on Sam's Honest to Blog) but I need to make a nice new one...

    Thank you thank you thank you... how could I NOT feel better after reading this?!

    You too are sooo awesome, and your blog posts never fail to put a smile on my face. I know you have been through some tough times also, but I think you know you deserve so much better... you are amazing. And if someone can say that just from reading your online blog... well you must be pretty darn special!

    Love from the UK to you!!!! xxxxxx