Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Why hello there little blog of mine...

I haven't blogged for a good while. Work has been busier (I am now Receptionist and Counselling Services Admin Assistant now dontcha know?! By the way, things like this really don't bother me... who cares about job titles and statuses?!)and I have not been too busy out of work... I guess with Mikee being out more doing his PA hire, I have been stuck in not doing a lot. This is one of many reasons why I'm psyched to finally start driving for real! I am now trying to have 2 lessons a week, but Don (my instructor) has been away a little recently so my 2 lessons a week should start up again next week. We have both decided it is my lack of confidence which is slowing my progress down... so it's something I need to work on. As Don says, I know by now HOW to drive, it's just putting that all into action, and syncing my brain with my body!

I did have a nice evening out last week with Sam (Honest to blog!) and Saffy. We went for something to eat at a pub up town called The Gatekeeper. It's cheap and cheerful, which is always good! Saffy had the vegan curry (Sweet potato and spinach) and I had just chips (it was a couple of days before payday so I had to budget my meal. But chips, fries for my American buddies!, with plenty of ketchup is always good!) I always have such a good evening with my friends. I may have just a few, but they are more than I could ever hope for. I adore them. Chatting with them comes so naturally... and with previous friendships I have come to learn that if it feels 'forced' in any way, then it's not a great friendship to start with. You can be good friends, but you can never be the kind of friends that you'd hope for... always there and never judging. My three closest friends are amazing: Sam, Saffy and Heidi.

Speaking of Heidi, she is coming to stay this weekend for Vintage Pretty #3. I can't wait! I love to be around her, she's so much fun and we are so alike. Girly girls but ungirly too, if that makes sense?! She loves that I too do not wear heels EVER, and she is vegan too (which is always a bonus!). We can also totally insult each other in jest, which I love! She makes awesome stuff, a lot of her dresses she makes from scratch, she's so talented. I love being around passionate and creative people! I am lucky in that way as each of my friends has a passion for something or other... nothing more inspiring than that!


  1. It's so nice to spend time with friends that make you feel like yourself! I don't have many either but when I get to be around them, my heart feels full!

  2. Well you have been missed!! It sounds like you have very lovely friends. I really need to make more quality friends out here.

    Good Luck with the driving, I never wanted to learn how to drive, because it terrified me. Finally my dad convinced me, but I still try not to drive at night and other drivers scare me to death!